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White Chocolate Cupcakes with Bird Nests

Sandeea’s cute bird nest cupcakes are perfect for the Easter party ! Because they are so pretty and taste so yummy. Made from white chocolate, dark chocolate chips, Nutella, these tasty treats don’t even need frosting. The cute birds are Milkybar white chocolate eggs, just use edible black pen to draw the bird eyes and using yellow candy melts to make the bird peak.

You can find the recipe ( in English vision and Spanish vision) on

Raspberry Easter Egg Cupcakes

Easter is just around the corner. Are you looking for the ideas for cute and fun cupcakes? Check out these cute and fun cupcakes made by Krissy of Krissys Creations.

We love the delicious raspberry. These cupcakes are made with fresh raspberry, topped with green grass buttercream and chocolate candy eggs. These cupcakes are easy to make. Using the Wilton grass tip to pipe the grass buttercream and finish the look by adding Cadbury mini chocolate candy egg.

The detail instruction and recipe are available at Krissys Creations

Chinese New Year 2013 Snake theme Cupcakes

2013 is the year of snake begins on February 10th in the humanitarian of the zodiac. This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail.

Via Cake Crumb Cakes Cake Crumb Cakes

Chinese New Year “Good Fortune” Cupcakes

These are another wonderful Chinese New Years cupcakes. The red and Gold color theme is vivid, bright and brings the holiday feeling of happiness.

The word “福” pronounces “Fu”. It means ” Good Fortune” in Chinese.

Via DNL’s Mum on Flickr

Chinese New Years ” Bring Fortune” Cupcakes

Do you like these pretty Chinese New Years “Bring Fortune” Cupcakes? The dedicated gold nugget, firecracker, plum blossom , peaches and carrots are made of fondant.
The wording on the cupcake ” Gong Xi Fa Cai” means ” Wish You Get Fortune”.

Via Dapur Zytka

Chinese New Year Plum Blossom Cupcake

The plum blossom is vivid and pretty. The first line of the wording on the cupcakes means” Happy New Year”. The second line of the wording on the cupcakes means ” You will get all your wishes”

The red color is the lucky color in China. It’s perfect to use red color frosting on these cupcakes to bring luck for the coming year.

Via Jeslin of monsterzfunhouse

Matcha Green Tea Cupcake with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

Jamieanne of Sweetest Kitchen made this delicious Matcha Strawberry Cupcake. You will find the strawberry preserves filling inside the cupcake. The topper is fresh strawberry buttercream. The cupcake itself is vanilla and matcha flavored. This cupcake has a vivid color and will be a great presentation for your table.

You can find the detailed recipe and instruction at Sweetest Kitchen

Green Tea Cupcakes with Honey Frosting

You can enjoy a great dessert and get the antioxidants at the same time when you have these green tea cupcakes.

Julie of Baked In shared this wonderful recipe on her blog.

Via and recipe available at Baked In

Nutella Cake Pops

How pretty are these floral Nutella cake Pops! They are ideal treats for baby shower, birthday party, wedding party or other occasions. The ingredients of these cake pops are remains of biscuits, nutella, white chocolate, chocolate coloring and fondant flowers.

Source ( in Spanish, you may use “google translator’ to translate it) : Dulces Bocados